73rd Lanark
Full name 73rd Lanark
Founded Unknown
Ground Unknown
League Scottish Premier League
2008–09 Premier League, 1st (assumed)

73rd Lanark is a Scottish professional football club presumably based in Glascow. 73rd Lanark play in the Scottish Premier League and are stated to be one of the better teams that compete in the league.

2008-09 seasonEdit

73rd Lanark were at the top of the league table before their game against Heart of Clachmaninshire and their 2-0 away win likely consolidated their position.

It is unknown if 73rd Lanark won the league, however.


73rd Lanark's mascot is a bull. A bull that has a deep code of honour regarding the behaviour of mascots as evidenced when he attempted to stop Clachmaninshire mascot 'Arry the Clacker from assaulting Mungo McCrackas.